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My name is Meshal. I am twelve years old. I am from Bekasi, Indonesia. I live in Sakura Regency Block W number 29. I go to Labschool junior high school. before I study there, I was in Iqro elementary school. And I wanna go to favorite senior high school with best score.

I love sport. My favorite foot ball team is Nederland and German. I like them, because so many good player in Nederland German team. But I’m not so good in foot ball.

My favourite program is Slam Dunk, because I like basket ball. It’s about championship. This program run everyday at 5pm. We can watch this in Animax Channel.

And I play badmington too. I play in free time. But, I just sometime have a free time, because I go arrive at home at 5.30 pm. And on the weekend I have a lot of homework.

My mother’s name is Rosmida. She works in Telkom Jakarta, in front of Taman Anggrek Slipi. My father’s name is Yerry. He works in Bakrie Telecom.


7 responses

5 04 2008
Mama Mida

Meshal kok nggak diupdate blognya?

9 05 2008
ummi adil

semoga ananda meshal bertambah sholeh dan pintar yaaa…..dan tetap bersyukur dan rendah hati yaaa naaak……

11 05 2008

Makasih Ummi….
Doakan Meshal ya……

6 10 2008

missing text: blck
please your repair missing text

14 09 2009

meshal kmu pinter bhs inggris y ?
wahh kmu bisa kluar negri donx…
ajak2 aq kpan2 klo kmu kluar negri…
aq doain dehh supaya meshal sukses y…

23 11 2010
miss dewi

nice story,two thumbs up for u 🙂

30 10 2011
Roy Muhammad Raihan Hilmy

not badmington, but badminton

best regard
(roy, most quiet,clever,diligent boy in 7a)

canda shal….

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